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Friends of CAMH,

As supporters of CAMH, you’re already ahead of the curve. You’ve had the courage and conviction to support mental health in the face of continued stigma and many other competing demands.

But did you know there are 25,000 of you out there? That’s how many donors contributed to our $108 million Transforming Lives Campaign - what an incredible show of support!

We celebrated – and thanked our tireless Campaign co-chairs Jamie Anderson, Michael McCain and Tom Milroy – with GameChangers, an evening of sharing that offered an interactive look at some of the ways CAMH is helping to understand the brain and harness its amazing potential.

Every one of you is a game changer, and for that we offer a huge thank you!

- Your e-news team

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CTV’s CanadaAM will showcase Mental Health Awareness Week Oct. 2-8 . Watch for CAMH professionals and check out CTV's lineup of stories with impact.

October is a busy month for events supporting CAMH, including the spectacular Bellevent 2011, Hatsquerade 2011 and Humour Me - the CEO/Comedy Classic.

Top 10 lists are not just for Letterman. You can hear CAMH’s Top 10 priorities, presented here in 30 creative seconds.

Making recovery a family affair

Hundreds of individuals and families are benefiting from important investments made in CAMH’s Addictions Program. Donors Pat and Kim Ward were recently recognized for their generous support with the naming of the fourth and final building in the first phase of CAMH's remarkable redevelopment.


Scientist makes quitting smoking ­­personal

Dr. Rachel Tyndale has found that when it comes to quitting smoking, our genes play an important role. Her latest discovery is now at the centre of a large-scale international clinical trial to help people quit more effectively.  


CAMH boosts brain imaging

This fall marks the beginning of a new era for the Research Imaging Centre at CAMH. With twice the space and much-needed new equipment, our scientists are ramping up their efforts to better understand, treat and prevent mental illness and addictions.


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