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We help the best and brightest minds provide innovative patient care and conduct insightful research to better understand, treat and prevent mental illness and addiction. Based in Toronto and networked around the world, CAMH also educates thousands of mental health professionals each year and develops informed public policy and health prevention strategies. Read more

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2013 Annual Report

2013 Audited Financial Statements

Redevelopment: A Life-Changing Address

CAMH is building a new kind of hospital – where being part of the community is part of the treatment. See for yourself how we're transforming lives. One in five Canadians will experience mental illness or addiction in their lifetime; the others are family, friends and colleagues. It affects us all. Read more

Transforming Lives Award Nominations
Nominate someone whose journey with mental illness or addiction has inspired you. Find out more at

The impact of Gifts of Light
Through Gifts of Light, we’ve given out over 2,300 gifts to patients at CAMH.

Click here to learn about the impact of Gifts of Light during the holidays.

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