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  • CAMH entrusted with $100 million donation

    Gift will fuel discoveries that will save lives and create social change for all Canadians.

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We are at a turning point.

CAMH has been entrusted with Canada’s very first $100 million donation dedicated to finding the causes and cures of mental illness.

It’s an anonymous gift, given in the spirit of public service and intended to fuel the discovery that will save lives and create social change for all Canadians. It will fuel the Discovery Fund, which will enable CAMH to attract talent, explore big ideas, support young scientists and leverage data to unlock the mysteries of the brain.

By partnering with CAMH, you are helping people living with mental illness know that there is hope, and change is coming.

This would not be possible without the ongoing support of people like you. Every donation has helped build CAMH into Canada’s largest mental health academic health science centre, attracting world-class talent, research facilities and once-in-a-lifetime investments like this one.

We asked CAMH researchers and scientists what difference they hope to make for mental health. Here's what they said —


Watch the announcement recorded live on our Facebook page.


In the news:

Globe and Mail: Record $100-million donation to CAMH underscores cultural shift on mental health

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The National: Mental health research in Canada gets record donation

The National: Mental health research in Canada gets record donation

CP24: Anonymous philanthropist donates $100 million to support research at CAMH


The news of this annoucement is spreading — here are a few reactions from CAMH supporters from across Canada:

Complex problems need complex solutions. We need to invest in the fundamental research and the clinical innovation that will improve the health of individuals and populations, locally, nationally and globally. This gift will make that a reality.

 -- Dr. Catherine Zahn, President and Chief Executive Officer, CAMH --

I believe CAMH is well-positioned to make a transformational impact in the field of mental health research. I have seen the devastating impact of mental illness on individuals and their families; I want to provide support to the next generation of researchers and scientists to pursue the research that will directly transform care. In order to enable quantum leaps forward, this gift will also support high-risk, high-reward research.

 -- the donor --

We are eternally grateful to this donor, for investing $100 million in our capacity to generate world-leading discovery, and to invest in some of the high-risk, high-reward research that usually doesn’t get top funding priority. Philanthropy at CAMH is truly changing the future of mental illness, and creating hope for all Canadians.

 -- Darrell Louise Gregersen, President & CEO, CAMH Foundation --

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