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CAMH Change Agent Spotlight: Dilesha Stelmach

Dilesha is a Change Agent

Toronto’s Dilesha Stelmach is proud to tell others that she is a Change Agent. “I find that the more people share, the more others change their mentality towards mental health.”

She has been a Change Agent since October 2015. “I joined because as a young professional, I know two people under the age of 25 who died by suicide. I believe wholeheartedly that supporting research is imperative, as is stopping the stigma around mental illness and suicide.“

For Dilesha, being a Change Agent is more than her monthly donation or wearing the t-shirt. “It's about striking down negative conversations around mental health through positive education.” Delisha is most proud of the impact that her support has on research. “This is an easy area to ignore. This is my way to helping to change that.”

CAMH Change Agents make life-saving monthly gifts that immediately fuel world-leading discoveries in brain science and clinical care, improve public awareness of mental illness and addiction, and support the most urgent hospital needs.

Become a Change Agent today.

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