In the years since his son’s suicide, Michael Wilson has become one of Canada’s greatest leaders in the fight against mental illness and addiction. To recognize his efforts, CAMH Foundation has formed the Michael Wilson Society.

Who is Michael Wilson?

The Honourable Michael Wilson, former Canadian Ambassador to the United States and a respected business and political leader, started a national conversation about mental health when he spoke publicly about his son Cameron’s suicide in 1995.

Michael has raised millions of dollars for CAMH, helping to transform our hospital into one of the most progressive psychiatric care and research hospitals in the world. He speaks often and passionately about the need for frank dialogue about mental health and access to care, each time encouraging Canadians to continue to push social attitudes forward to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness.

“People should be as comfortable talking about mental illness as they are talking about heart disease or diabetes. If we can bring mental illness into the open, maybe we can avoid some of these tragedies,” Michael says.

In 2015, Michael was appointed to the position of Chair of the Mental Health Commission of Canada and continues to be an advocate and outspoken champion for mental health care to the benefit of all Canadians.

CAMH Foundation is proud to honour Michael’s dedication and leadership in encouraging an open conversation and understanding around mental health – helping break down the stigma that prevents many from seeking the care they need. We hope you are as inspired by Michael’s courage and vision for change as we are.

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