Current Members

Members of the Michael Wilson Society are inspired by CAMH’s continued success and promise for the future. As champions for mental health, their investment is helping CAMH improve the lives of those living with mental illness.

We deeply appreciate their support, commitment and dedication. 

We’re grateful for those who've joined and are excited to have you with us on our visionary journey.

AGF Management Limited
Gail & Mark Appel
Robert M. Barbara
Timothy Bates
Kim Bellissimo
Neil Betteridge
Mr. & Mrs. Bhayana
Beth & Andy Burgess
Arnie & Penny Cader Family
John Cassaday
Celestica Inc.
Susan Crocker & John Hunkin
Geoffrey Chown & David Dunkley
Jim & Edna Claydon
Emily Cole & Family
Ryan & Laura Couvrette
Julie A. Crothers
Dominic D'Alessandro
Mary C. Deacon
Jerry del Missier
Ian W. Delaney & Catherine A. (Kiki) Delaney
Robert & Catherine Deluce
Andy & Suzanne Dickison
Maureen & Victor Dodig
Bryce & Nicki Douglas
Robert Dowler & Lisanne Hill
Sarah Downey
Robert C. Dowsett
The Dubczak Family
The John C. and Sally Horsfall Eaton Foundation
Jim & Jacquie Estey
Jock & Sue Fleming
Jean Fraser & Tom Rahilly
John & Sarah Gleeson Family
David Goldbloom & Nancy Epstein
Crawford Gordon
Gail & John Gorman
Katherine Govier
Douglas & Ruth Grant
Carol Gray
Brian H. Greenspan & Marla Berger
Darrell Louise & D. Brian Gregersen
Jackman Foundation
S. Mary Hatch
Ann E. Jackson & Denis Ho
Martin & Sandra Karp
The Henry White Kinnear Foundation
Spencer Lanthier & Diana Bennett
Brian & Joannah Lawson
Greta Liebel
Philip B. Lind
Betsy & Anthony Little
Robert & Patricia Lord
Tracey MacArthur
Bart MacDougall
Lynda & Reay Mackay
Tom & Sandy MacMillan
Christopher & Deborah Martin
Sandra A. Mason
Liza Mauer & Andrew Sheiner
Peter McCarter & Angie Hamilton
Gerald T. McCaughey
Richard & Mai Liis McCoy
Karen & Greg McKnight
Kelly & Michael Meighen
Mary-Charlotte & Alex Miller
Susan Mullin & Cathy Mann
The Right Honourable Brian Mulroney
Benoit & Sharon Mulsant
Peter & Melanie Munk
Gordon & Janet Nixon
Adrienne Oliver
Dan O'Shaughnessy & Kate Pal
Mary Ann Pathy
David and Shelley Peterson Foundation
The Pickford-Henderson Family Foundation
Bruce G. Pollock & Judith I. Arluk
Guy & Mary Pratte
Gordon E. Pugh
Bruce & Lisa Rothney
Judy & Peter Russel
John Sartz & Mallory Morris-Sartz
Robert & Louise Simmonds
Ivan & Lynda Silver
Lori Smith & Angelina Vaz
Lori Spadorcia
Wayne & Maureen Squibb
Jan & David Stewart
Bob & Mona Stupart
Gordan & Susan Thompson
Heather M. Thomson
Diana Tremain
The WB Family Foundation
W. Ross Walker
Gert Wharton
George A. Wilson
Gerry N. Wood & Benita Warmbold
Greg Woynarski
Bill Wright & Julia Gorman
Joe & Betsy Wright
The Younger Family
Catherine & Jeffrey Zahn
Steven A. Zakem & M. Anne Crisell
Anonymous (1)

* The above listing includes members who joined prior to March 31, 2015


For more information about the Michael Wilson Society and your membership, please contact us at:

1.800.414.0471 or

We will be delighted to speak with you!

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