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Through your membership, you will honour Michael Wilson’s efforts in the fight against mental illness, and become part of a community seeking new and more effective ways to further his vision. You are encouraged to meet and exchange ideas with fellow members at bi-annual events. Invitations will be sent closer to the respective dates.

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Past Events

May 23, 2017 - Special event with CAMH Aboriginal Services

October 2016 - Advancing Care and Research in Geriatric Mental Health

Society members and guests were invited to hear from leading clinician and researcher, Dr. Tarek Rajji, CAMH's Chief of Geriatric Psychiatry, and the Geriatric Mental Health Services team about the breakthroughs in geriatrics brain research, programming, and treatment at CAMH.

For an overview outlining our Integrated Care Pathways approach to Dementia featuring Dr. Rajji, please click here.

May 2016 - The evolution of psychiatric care in Canada

Psychiatric care has evolved and seen profound change over the past 25 years. What is it like to work as a psychiatrist now? What does the future hold?

Members and guests of the Michael Wilson Society were invited to experience an intimate reading from Dr. David Goldbloom's recent book, How Can I Help? A week in My Life as a Psychiatrist.

Guests engaged in an open discussion with Dr. David Goldbloom, Senior Medical Advisor at CAMH, on the evolution of mental health care in Canada including treatment, awareness, and the steps we have collectively taken up to this point to reduce stigma in society.

October 2015 - Youth and Mental Illness

Young people with mental illness are one of the most under-served and vulnerable populations in the country.

MWS Oct 2014 Event Image

Today over 1 Million young Canadians suffer from mental illness - we know that early intervention and care is critical to helping prevent potential long term effects of mental illness over a lifetime.  

Members and guests of the Michael Wilson Society were invited to hear Dr. Aristotle Voineskos, Director of the Slaight Family Centre for Youth in Transition, speak to the work CAMH is doing to put more young people experiencing severe mental illness on a path to recovery.


For more information on the Slaight Family Centre for Youth in Transition, click here.


May 2015 - Accessing Care, Enhancing Recovery

Finding appropriate mental health services can be an uphill battle; one CAMH has been working hard to address. Members and guests were invited to learn more about how CAMH is improving access to integrated mental health care. 

Nearly 30 per cent of all Ontarians will experience a mental health or addictions problems in their lives. This means our mental health care systems must be accessible, patient-focused, and allow individuals to transition to and from different programs with support.
The video to the right shares more about Access CAMH, a one-stop referral and triage service for the more than 90 patient care programs and clinics at CAMH.
To learn more about other ways CAMH is enhancing recovery through access to care, click here.


October 2014 - Workplace Mental Health

Members of the Michael Wilson Society were invited to learn how businesses can accommodate mental health issues at work. 

Every week, 500,000 Canadians are absent from work due to 
MWS Oct 2014 Event Image
a mental illness or addiction.

A business of any size can take part in creating a healthy 
workplace. For those who were 
unable to attend but would like 
to learn more, the voluntary National Standard of Canada for 
Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace
 provides a 
framework, tools and resources to create and continually improve 
a psychologically healthy and safe workplace.

Any expense in preventative measures will be returned in staff 
engagement, retention and 
productivity. It’s simply smart business.

 May 2014 - Personalized Medicine

Members of the Michael Wilson Society were invited to learn about personalized medicine, a topic of particular interest to Michael.

Groundbreaking research from CAMH's Neuroscience Research Department has made personalized medicine for psychiatric patients a reality. Physicians are now able to use a patient's genetic makeup to help predict which medications are safe to prescribe and which ones may be ineffective or cause side-effects.

To learn more about this topic, and CAMH’s involvement, click here.



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