I take great pride in CAMH and the people who put their shoulders to the wheel to get this going. CAMH is about hope. The fact that our work, together, has shown there is hope even in the darkest of times is worth every ounce and every penny of support we can offer.

The Honourable Michael H. Wilson, Honorary Breakthrough Campaign Chair

The Michael Wilson Society

In the spirit exemplified by The Honourable Michael Wilson, the Society brings together a group of generous, forward-thinking leaders who are committed to helping CAMH realize advances in research, treatment, and the reduction of stigma surrounding mental illness and addiction.

Members are invited to attend exclusive Society events hosted by Michael Wilson, as well as research tours led by CAMH medical leaders. Join today.

Individual Membership

Society members know that the next breakthroughs in mental health and addiction research and treatment will come from CAMH and are champions of the hospital’s initiatives. They are inspired, and inspire others to join them.

Individual Membership is gained with a minimum investment of $10,000. Join the Michael Wilson Society today.

Corporate Membership

The Society brings together like-minded organizations committed to reducing stigma and changing attitudes toward mental health. Membership will provide your organization access to valuable and meaningful educational and volunteer opportunities.

Corporate Membership is gained with a minimum investment of $25,000. To learn about corporate recognition opportunities and membership benefits click here.

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