Carlo Fidani and Family

“Our family continues to be impressed with the innovation and redevelopment of CAMH.  This institution has existed in various forms for over 100 years and has struggled to gain the recognition and respect it and its clients deserve.”

Carlo Fidani is a Mississauga businessman and Chairman of Orlando Corporation, a privately owned Canadian real estate construction company.  Carlo and his family got involved with CAMH after taking a tour of the Queen Street site currently under redevelopment. They were impressed by CAMH’s world-leading research and inspired by the hospital’s vision to transform its facilities.


Carlo and his family generously donated $5 million to support cutting-edge research in bioinformatics and computational biology at CAMH, fields that are essential in the analysis of complex datasets emerging from leading-edge neuroscience research.

In recognition of their visionary support, CAMH’s new outpatient facility at 60 White Squirrel Way was named “The Carlo Fidani Family Building” in November 2010. Placing the Fidani name on a building dedicated to important addiction outpatient services was a significant milestone for CAMH, as it became only the second CAMH building to be named after a donor; the “McCain Family Building” a few doors down was the first.

Prominent displays of philanthropy in mental illness and addiction are a bold step forward, as this cause has long been supported privately. The Fidani Family name is already having a positive impact. As the signage went up on the Fidani building, clients gathered to watch, one remarking “that it was nice to know that people cared about them.”

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(l-r)Michael McCain, President and CEO of Maple Leaf Foods; Teresa Ferracuti; Carlo Fidani; Dr. Catherine Zahn and Bruce Pollock at building unveiling

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