Working Together to Improve Lives

Every day, your generosity improves the lives of those living with mental illness and addiction, and creates opportunities for people to access better care and treatment. Your support is allowing CAMH to respond to the diverse needs of people living with mental illness and addiction. Through your generosity:

  • CAMH served over 28,000 unique inpatients, with over 400,000 outpatient visits per year
  • CAMH staff worked in 26 locations across Ontario.
  • 48,281 people visited our Mental Health and Addiction 101 online courses.
  • 3,095 professionals participated in our training sessions.
  • 78,456 people participated in CAMH public education events
  • 473 residents and medical students, and over 600 nursing and other placement students received their training at CAMH.
  • 3 new buildings were opened to the public in 2012
    • The Intergenerational Wellness Centre provides a unique facilty for treatment of our most vulnerable populationsPhoto courtesy of Rob Girard, Agree Images
    • The Bell Gateway Building will act as the "front door" for the CAMH campus, helping integrate CAMH with the surrounding community and providing opportunities for collaboration and client healing
    • The Doctors Association Building is a hub for the essential systems that make CAMH tick. It is a key component for the CAMH's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Gold certification.

Your Dollars at Work


This year, your donations fueled world-leading discoveries in brain science and clinical care, improved public awareness of mental illness and addiction, and supported urgent hospital needs.

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